Who will become a Ventaja Technologies Partner?

The business Partner Program is designed for Individual Networkers and those networkers who wanted to Start business in Information Technologies.

How to become a business partner?

You can register yourself in business partner program by two ways :-

Referral Business Partner Program(RBPP):

If you register as a Referral business Partner then you just Strongly recommend Ventaja to end Customer for using its Services. If deal is finalized then Ventaja will give you best commission against your work.

For more information and commission structure, register with us, our Team will contact you.

Channel / Franchise Business Partner Program(CBPP):

If you want Register as a channel partner and start your business carrier in IT then this is the right opportunity. What you have to do just handle all sales business operation of your local area customer . As a company Marketing And Sales office of Ventaja Technologies.

For more information and commercials just register with us, our team will contact you.

Ventaja Technologies Provides following benefits to our Business Partners

  1. Assured Best Business Commercials (commission) on every Successful deal closing.
  2. All important Documents will Provide by Ventaja.
  3. Full dedicated management and Technical team for supporting our business partner.
  4. Instant commission distribution –within 24 hr after receiving payment form customer.
  5. Payment will release as per payment release by client.
  6. Ventaja will provide Supportive Software tools for generating business and tracking your sales operations.

For more information contact us