Direct Selling Booster

Direct Selling Booster is developed by Ventaja Technologies. Direct Selling Booster is the merged solution for Network Industry. In DSB we have merged Networking and E-commerce Industry.

DSB Covers four measure corners of Networking Industry as,

Retail Customer : Means that Retail customers can be a part of this system for fulfillig his needs and in future he/ she can be a part of this business with company by providing KYC.
Networker: As Traditionaly networker can do business with company to achieve his dreams and goals.
Government legal laws: We are taken care of Direct Selling & E-commerce industry laws and their rule while developing this software. Effect of that is while doing the business our client will not be in trouble for breaking laws.
Taxation: In this software we cover taxation part also, in future our customer can file their tax return form one click with this software.

DSB Features :

E-wallet System

Online Payment System.

Secure Payout Process

Easy KYC Management

Dynamic Content Management System

Professional Genealogy Tree management.

Easy and Dynamic Reporting System

Multiple Admin & Super admin control

SMS and Email Alerts and Notifications

Automatic Printing Material system, like Company Certificate for Executive, Executive Visiting Card, ID card etc.